Image of Mandelbrot


dis(ORDER) is an immersive installation reflecting 8 experiences of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Through metronomic sound, digitally projected visuals and dance loops, it reveals the underlying internal processes of OCD and how they may be affected by common anxiety treatments. Although termed a ‘disorder’, ironically, there is great order in what is seemingly chaotic.

The imagery displayed here is of the Mandelbrot equation, chosen as the project’s visuals due to its recursive or self-similar character. The Mandelbrot is a mathematical equation in the field of fractals, uniquely known for its infinite feedback loop and complex orderly pattern. Some believe it is the underlying order of the universe! Applied to OCD, it describes how the feedback loop of the mind continues to amplify fear and obsession.

As a physical installation, the multi-sensory piece is interactive, allowing the audience to determine the course of the live performance through introducing external variables (i.e. OCD treatments). For the virtual show, the installation is adapted to the screen - just a taste of the full experience!


Image of Mandelbrot LAUNCH
More about OCD, the Mandelbrot equation and the making process.
Vision for the physical show: see the performance proposal.


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